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Fratelli Imports

We endeavour to find and bring healthy, good tasting brands and foods from around the world to the Australian household.  Our challenge is to work with dependable likeminded manufacturers to ensure we offer our retailers and in turn their customers consistent reliable innovative food products and service.

We love food and we love developing brands. Our purpose is to acquire exciting, innovative quality brands and foods from around the world and ensure we realise their potential in the Australian Retail Marketplace, by striving to achieve on time distribution whilst developing relationship with our customers to maximise an added value.

Our staff share the same passion as we do and their knowledge of our products and customers' requirements and service is second to none. We understand that quality, value, and constant good service distinguishes us from the competition; this is something which we consistently strive to achieve at Fratelli.  We consider our customer relationships as a partnership

Fratelli Imports look forward to sharing their exciting brands and foods with you and making you a part of their family, and family always looks out for each other.

Our partners

The Yoghurt Shop

Since we started in Adelaide Central Market all those years ago we've remained on a mission to make Australia's Best Yoghurt.

Manassen Foods

Manassen Foods has a portfolio of leading and emerging food brands that meet the needs of retailers and consumers.  Fratelli Imports is a proud sub distributor of Manassen Foods product portfolio in the independents market in Victoria. Please have a look.

Green Vie

Dairy Free Delights. A whole range of plant-based cheeses, spreads and vegan stuffed antipasti. Follow our journey to a plant powered lifestyle.

Normandie Foods

Normandie Foods began with the simple use of fresh ingredients from honest sources. A cornerstone of the Normandie Foods range, our full flavoured exquisite pâte continues to delight whether it's right from the tub onto a fresh baguette, or used on antipasto platters, a taste that meets a vast range of palates and occasions.


We are remained faithful to our tradition and philosophy since the 1970s.  Our range of Cheeses and manufactured to an Authentic Traditional Greek Taste.


At Boscastle we produce an extensive range of delicious gourmet offerings to suit any occasion: from party food, to a gourmet single pie, and family meals. All of Boscastle's fillings are carefully made and slow cooked for maximum flavour. All our ingredients are sourced from suppliers as proud of their produce as we are of ours.


We do one thing, and we do it well.

Geelong Dairy

Crafted from the finest Australian cream, our salted and unsalted butters deliver a rich, creamy texture that elevates your culinary creations.

Crostoli King

“People say our biscuits remind them of the taste they had as children, they taste like something mum would make. Although our biscuits are commercially made today, 95% of our products are still handmade, bringing that authentic taste to your kitchen table to share with friends and family.”

Chris Foods

Life is better shared, so we are proud to bring Australians the food that we love to eat ourselves, our products are made from delicious, fresh, wholesome ingredients from across the world. All proudly made in Australia.

Coal River Farm

We're excited by the uniqueness of the region and love making fresh, unique products that put a smile on everyone's face. Our cheeses are robust, full flavoured creamy cheeses with a velvety white surface.

Bio Orto

Between tradition and innovation, over the years Bio Orto has established itself as one of the most important European realities in the field of organic agriculture.

Fremantle Octopus

Premium West Australian Octopus & Seafood, considered to be the best octopus in the world.

Nevia Foods

Our products are a combination of quality Imported and locally sourced products.  The undeniable mixture of antipasti, premium canola oil (Non –GMO), and with a fine selection of herbs including oregano, chili, parsley, garlic and Belle peppers add to the quality of Nevia Foods Products.

Nature Based

Together, we can make a difference, let's strive to make the world a better place for all beings

Herbert Adams

Herbert Adams has been creating delicious gourmet pies and pastries in Australia for over 112 years, and we're still committed to Herbert Adams' tradition of combining the best quality ingredients with his famous flaky pastry.


A choice combination of imported and local produced smallgoods, sliced and packed for your taste and convenience.

Real Dairy

We deliver high quality and innovative dairy-based products, services and solutions to the retail, foodservice, and food ingredient markets

Guzzardi Fine Foods

Our reputation is based on producing an extensive range of authentic Australian made European delights using only the finest ingredients


Procal Authentic Greek Yoghurt has been created based on a traditional family recipe passed down from generation to generation. The Smooth creamy mouthfeel is reminiscent of the Greek Yoghurt taste which has been enjoyed in the Mediterranean for centuries.

Distribution and services

Our investment in people, warehousing, distribution, and technical infrastructure provides us with capabilities to provide great customer service – being able to supply a variety of products, being frozen, chilled/dairy, deli and grocery.

Products by department

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